Monday, 6 March 2017




One of my favorite words in Arabic is مسافرة "  (Musafirah), which is the female term for traveller. It was also the first tattoo I got myself when I turned 18. I decided to set up this blog for the exact same reason as I chose to get inked on my ribcage. The thing is, I am a traveller, I always have been. And before you roll your eyes, close the page and think "not another one of these "travellers". Not another one of these travel blogs", let me tell you: You`re right. I won`t deny the fact that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of travel blogs out there. I also won`t pretend to be any different from the rest of them. On the contrary, I am truly convinced that we all share the same passion and an equal desire for experimentation, exploration, freedom, extravagance, knowledge and creativity when filling these blank pages with our thoughts. As much as I believe that each journey is experienced and perceived differently, I also think that every adventure, opinion and experience is equally worth to be written about, shared and learnt from.

When I got my tattoo, I knew that certain things would never change for me. This includes my constant longing for places I have never been, for spices I have never tasted and for the soothing power of the sea and the silence of the desert. Everyday I yearn to move from one place to another or can`t wait to make the acquaintance of people I have yet to meet. Call me obsessed, but you should definitely blame my parents, especially, my father for my nomadic attitude. It all began  with him jetting around the world as a merchant and his refusal to stay apart from his family. Missing us unbearably he decided to take us with him whenever he could. And so, my mother and I went - to Nassau in the Caribbean, to Singapore, Thailand, India, South Africa, Egypt, Oman, Burma, North America, Dubai, Tunisia and so many, many others. Of course, as I grew old enough, I visited places on my own, leaving my family scattered across the globe at times.

I`m aware of the fact, that I`ve been incredibly lucky and privileged. I can honestly say, that I have learnt more from my journeys than school could ever teach me. This is why this travel section is more about gratitude than about anything else. I know that most have not had the opportunity to visit and live in various countries, to make friends across the globe, and to immerse themselves in cultures and customs so different from `home`. With this blog, however, I have the ability to take you with me and make you part of my adventures. 

I must admit, I first considered filling this section with old photographs, anecdotes and memories of all the places I visited in the past. Perhaps, I might one day - provided you ask me to. But for now, this blog shall be a new page in my passport, one I hope to fill with you by my side. I am therefore thrilled to share my travel photography, tips, tricks and adventures with you - I promise, there are a few in line this year! So, from one traveller to another: I can`t wait to meet you and exchange stories. Watch this space - we`ll be going to Morocco in exactly 24 days! 


Much love,

Hilary Fierce


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  1. Well written - gives an insight to what shapes you. Look forward to reading about your discoveries in Marocco. Be free