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We all know them, we all have them and - let`s face it: we all hate them; The sun could be shining in all of its splendour, the radio could be playing our favourite song...we could have even just bought a new pair of shoes, but all of this doesn`t matter, because it is one of those days when we are literally just not feeling it. Our energy levels are low despite our good night`s sleep, our coffees are spilled the moment we touch the cup, and our toast keeps burning on both sides, no matter how often and hard we try. 
This all wouldn`t be a big deal had we not lectures and meetings to attend, errands to run and expectations to meet. Having to leave the house and being forced to face 8 million Londoners and a bunch of lost tourists on a day like this is probably the last thing we`d like to do, but we know that there`s no way we could just curl up in bed and pretend life isn`t happening. It is, and it`s very much breathing down our neck.

Now, it is probably safe to argue that most people already hate the content of their wardrobe as it is (often transmitted through the classic I have nothing to wear / can I wear the same thing twice / does it even matter what I look like?) It therefore shouldn`t exactly come as a surprise that the level of desperation considerably increases the moment it hits us that we actually still need to get dressed. Due to Murphy`s Law, the only outfit we could have pictured ourselves wearing on one of those days is of course a.) in the wash, b.) broken or has c.) disappeared (because #shittyday #NeverEndingFailStory #cryingemoji.)
Getting dressed has all of a sudden become this overwhelming mystery we are not sure how to deal with. But desperate times call for desperate measures (especially when we`re supposed to hit the tube in less than 20 minutes (#OMG). Having gone through this scenario a few times myself, I came to realise that there is only one way to deal with those kinda days and that means: Be. Prepared. How? 
Well, firstly: Stop stressing. Or alternatively, stop caring: Embrace the fact that whatever you were gonna do on one of those is quite likely not going to work out anyway. This doesn`t necessarily imply that you should give up, by all means, keep going, but flip that switch that would normally make you go crazy because of it.
Secondly, make sure you have that one piece in your wardrobe that restores your self-confidence, your energy and your strength - if not psychologically, then at least physically. Store it in a special place and only dig it up in case of emergency.
And finally, wear it like an armour. Let it shield you from everything and everyone that is standing in your way. Give it a little moment and let it have its effects on you. And once you feel like the world could crash and you literally wouldn`t mind, you know you`re ready to leave the house and kick *ss. Go and try making that toast again if you`re feeling really sassy - you`ll quite likely still fail at it but you know what they say: There`s no harm in trying watching it burn. 


***wearing my special piece `Berber Jewel Patch Leather Vest` by Kokon to Zai SS14

in collaboration with the extraordinary Rebecca Maruzzi (@rebeccaxalison), Andrea Manuelli (@manniessss), Brigitte Ndou (@brigittephyper) and Tina Pham (@tinaa_ph)
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