Curated under the pseudonym Hilary Fierce, this page invites all aesthetes and creatives, travellers and explorers, thinkers, light-lovers, artists and the restless to take some time off their busy schedules. Created for everyone who is dedicated to the simple and beautiful things in life, this blog includes posts about fashion, travelling, art and design, photography, film and lifestyle.
Despite being a Swiss-Italian student based in London, I perceive myself as a modern-day nomad whose vocation it is to move from place to place whilst snapping and reporting her way across globe, streets and cultures for you. Thank you for browsing through my page, your patience and your time.
Much love,
Federica Potenza, a.k.a. Hilary Fierce
*for further enquiries, please visit the contact section. I am open for all sorts of collaboratins, shoots, projects, exhibitions and feedback

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